You know what to say and how to say it for the most part. I enjoy that I can come to you for help and it legit is very helpful. I typically have questions about dating and Juli has always had great responses to me on what to say or how to say it. Thank you for being a rockstar! – Chance


I was skeptical, as a person who goes to therapy, to try life coaching. I didn’t really understand the difference. Juli was incredibly intuitive in our conversations, and got me to think about things I haven’t explored in therapy. She knows the right questions to ask, and helped me feel ready to try some new things. – Karen G


Dear Juli,

I want to thank you for being real with me. Your coaching style helps me to ask myself the important questions that get me past my most stubborn self so I can effect real changes in my life in order to reach my happiness goals. You rock!

Love, Leila


I have various confidants in my life for different issues. Juli fills in the gaps that the rest of my professional/personal support network cannot. She is always professional, non-judgmental, but also real. I feel like I’m reaching out to that one friend who is willing to tell me what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear. – Tom

Juli is a great listener and awesome at helping me troubleshoot problems that I’m trying to solve. Whether it’s work or personal, she pushes me to think outside the box to find solutions. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone on the outside helping you process the issues you are facing in your daily life and condense them down into manageable portions. It’s also nice to have someone on the outside listen to what you’re going through and tell you you’re not crazy! She makes the coaching experience feel laid back and low pressure, so you can focus your energy on talking about the areas of life that you need help with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help and advice with their personal life or career! – Jessica


I came to Juli for coaching when I was at a total stuck point in my relationship. Juli asked me so many pivotal questions that encouraged me to go beneath the surface of what I thought I knew about myself and my relationship, and she offered intuitive and educated insights that helped me look at my situation from many different angles. This helped to open up space for possibilities that I hadn’t ever thought of, and I have been able to get so much clearer on my relationship. For me, the space Juli held was comforting and non-judgemental, so I felt safe to be vulnerable and share deeply. I appreciated Juli’s breadth of knowledge and experience with relationships, and I felt sincerely cared about when talking with Juli. Through coaching, things have been moving in my relationship, and I feel much calmer and more excited about moving forward. -Ali